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16 May 2019


Boole & Partners



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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 16 May 2019

At first glance, you wouldn't think too much of PolyBoard, but if you take a closer look, you will see that it can be a really useful tool to have around, especially if you're a carpenter. Its purpose is to help you design cabinets in 2D and 3D, but it does much more than letting you draw lines in a blank space. The software generates a manufacturing methods list, to help you build the cabinets you design. What's more, the program is capable of recalculating the cutting list and toolings in real time, whenever you make a modification, while keeping its dimensions, divisions structure, angles, slopes and other aspects into account.

You can try the software for free, to see how it works. It comes in a small package, and it doesn't take long to install it. There's no need to install any special tools or services before running it, and you won't notice any impact on your computer's performance.

The software starts you off with a blank space, on which you can add cabinets on a floor plan to see how they would look. Floors and cabinets are designed on separate windows, where you will find all the editings tools you will need. You can draw a floor plan and add walls in a top-down view mode, but you can also preview your floor in 3D on the same window. Once you're satisfied with your floor plan, you just need to hit the OK button and the program will load it onto the main interface.

While the floor editor serves its purpose well, the cabinet designing tool is where you will see PolyBoard's real strength. You can start with one of several cabinet styles, like corner or L-shaped cabinets, but you can also build up from a simple, blank cabinet. The program displays your cabinet in 2D, from all important angles, and you can right-click individual parts and choose between various options, to add shelves, uprights, doors, drawers and many other components.

While designing your cabinet, you can click an option on the toolbar at any time, to render a 3D image, which will give you a good idea of how your cabinet will look and if it needs some adjustments here and there. Furthermore, you can place your custom cabinet on a floor plan, and render the room in 3D as well, to see how the new piece of furniture would look in your house. As previously mentioned, the software can generate cutting lists and other instructions to help you build the cabinet, and it automatically recalculates everything, regardless of what changes you make.

Though it has a highly specific purpose, PolyBoard excels at what it does. If you want to build a shelf all by yourself, this piece of software will make it possible.


PolyBoard places numerous controls at your disposal, to help you design your own cabinet. The software automatically recalculates everything when you make a change. It can render the furniture on a floor plan in 3D.


If one could pan in the floor plane editor without having to select the move tool, the program would be significantly more comfortable.



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